Thursday, November 4, 2010

Samsung Instinct HD

The Samsung SPH-m850 Instinct HD is Sprint's third Instinct feature phone, and the first phone sold by a major U.S. carrier to offer real 720p video recording capability. The new Instinct HD also features a number of other upgraded hardware components, as well.
From a physical design viewpoint, the new Samsung Instinct HD, also known as the SPH-m850, is very similar to the original Instinct. It's a simple slab with a large touchscreen and touch sensitive controls. Only this time around, the HD gets a capacitive touchscreen(INFO) with a very nice 320 x 480 pixel resolution. The new display works really well and is sure to please.
The user interface remains standard Instinct in style. There is no standby or home screen, just menus. The "main" menu is broken up into a user configurable favorites pane and main, fun, and web sections. Favorites can be customized, the others cannot. The UI is generally speedy, but sometimes lags a bit. Certain applications also seem prone to lag at times. For More Detail

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