Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sony PSP Go

Psp Go Sony, Psp Go Sony News, Psp Go Sony Review: Here is the smaller and more powerful PSP system yet. Go with the PSP users can download the best games and digital films directly to 16GB of memory and use the built-in support for connecting a Bluetooth wireless headset to use Skype to talk more easily with friends. But best of all, you can display the content via the new LCD screen ultra-sharp 3.8-inch, powered by the new slide the PSP Go to the control design. Jump versatile, Go digital, go anywhere.
Download any friendly design incorporates UMD drive with the PlayStation Store and is more quiet and energy efficient.

Main features:
  1. 16 GB of memory.
  2. Bluetooth support.
  3. Slide design check out.
  4. Ultra-portable entertainment.
  5. All digital content - no UMD required.
  6. Download games and movies directly from the PlayStation Network.
  7. Ultra-sharp 3.8-inch LCD.
  8. Built-in microphone for Skype communication.
  9. Memory Stick Micro memory support added.
  10. Drag controls to maximize screen space.  For more Detail

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